Self-Hosted or Hosted (SaaS), what solution is best for you?

This document will give an overview of the reasons to use CloudM Migrate as a hosted solution or a Self-Hosted solution. Self-Hosted refers to resources that are owned and managed by the you regardless of if it is onsite or in a cloud tenant such as Azure.

This document will cover some security aspects of CloudM Migrate but will not be all inclusive. We at CloudM take security very seriously and if have any security questions or need to perform a security review please reach out to your sales rep and they can help get that setup for you.



  • Every customer instance is deployed on its own dedicated virtual machine.
  • CloudM Migrate will automatically provision additional resources as needed.
  • Migrations servers are secure via Azure front door and are inaccessible from the open internet.
  • Servers are auto deleted after 30 days of project inactivity.
  • All CloudM Migrate logins and actions are recorded for auditing purposes.
  • Rules Based Access Control to allow co-workers to securely contribute the migration.
  • Choice of Azure datacenters to pick from.


  • No access to migration infrastructure
  • Scalable up to 155 threads (M365 migrations)



  • Custom scaling, configure as many instances of the CloudM Migrate application with no additional charge.
  • The ingress and egress of data is contained within your network environment.
  • Only license meta data is submitted to CloudM servers.
  • CloudM migrate is a self-contained install that is easy to deploy.


  • If you use Azure VMs there maybe additional charges for ingress and egress of data.

Why CloudM Migrate?

Here is why CloudM migrate stands out in the industry. The underlying technology for migrations is the same across the industry. It is small features and the company's staff that sets CloudM Migrate apart from the other solutions.

  • Security and protection of data is especially important to CloudM and we are happy to work with Security teams to prove it.
  • Data is end to end encrypted even across the migration servers. This is unique in the industry.
  • CloudM has 24x7 support with a follow the sun support model with staff located USA, Singapore, and the UK. We care about your issues, and we are not afraid to jump on a call when those critical moments happen.
  • An Active development staff that are adding new features in a regular cadence.
  • One license gives you the ability to migrate email, documents and, archives per user. No multiple licenses per data type and the license will allow an unlimited amount of data per user.
  • All shared resources licenses are the same cost as the single user.
  • We offer Smart Start, the ability to purchase blocks engineering staff time for consultation on how to perform a migration.
  • White labeled migration professionals augment your staff.
  • Sign up to be a CloudM Partner and receive discounts up to 30%.


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