External Contacts

This functionality is not currently available in CloudM Automate for Microsoft


External Contacts can be found in Directory > External Contacts.



External Contacts

External Contacts can be added manually or through our bulk editing functionality.


External Contacts are contacts that have been added to your CloudM Automate domain. They cannot access your CloudM Automate installation, or have any other impact on your domain. They are just a container for information not actual profiles.

External Contacts won't be brought over automatically from your pre-existing Gmail Contacts. You could however export said Gmail Contacts and make changes to your file, so that it's in the correct format to be used for bulk editing as this will be the most efficient way. 

External Contacts within CloudM Automate can be given a lot of the same information that a regular User profile can be. This includes basic things such as their name and organisation details, but extends to multiple email addresses, relationships such as managers/assistants, and our Predefined Extra Information & Tags, meaning you can make custom fields to organise your Contacts as well as your Users. 


Common Contacts

Add common contacts for your organisation as External Contacts with all their details so your staff can search for them and contact them easily from within CloudM Automate.


Not only do our External Contacts allow you to edit information so they are organised and of a similar format, but you can also provide search queries against your External Contacts so that items such as Smart Contacts can be created and shared out to other users or even Groups in your domain. 

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