The Licensing section (Migrate > Licensing) allows you to view license information for your domain, and provides access to CloudM Migrate (depending on user permissions).




  • License Count - You can see how many licenses you have used against the total amount of licenses you have acquired. 
  • License Key - This is the License Key that you need to use when creating or editing a configuration so that you use available licenses assigned to your domain. Use the Copy icon at the end of the field to copy to your clipboard.


Download or Launch CloudM Migrate

  • Download Migrate - Selecting the Download Migrate button will take you to the Latest Release Notes and Download Links for CloudM Migrate page where you can download CloudM Migrate Self-Hosted.
  • Launch Migrate - Selecting Launch Migrate will take you to the login page of CloudM Migrate Hosted. This button is only enabled for migrations under 2,500 users.


Available Platforms

You can view the platforms that you can migrate from (Source) and to (Destination), and the date that the licenses expire.


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