Introduction to Migrate in CloudM Automate



After careful consideration and analysis of feature usage, we have decided to retire the "Migrate in Automate" feature. This feature will no longer be supported as of 31st March 2024. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding this change, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team or your dedicated Customer Success Manager.



The Migrate section in CloudM Automate allows you to quickly and easily get an overview of how your migrations are progressing, view license information, and, if relevant, download or access CloudM Migrate (depending on whether you have CloudM Migrate Self-Hosted or Hosted) to configure your migrations.

You also have the ability to add migrated users to new or existing Smart Teams.



Who can see the Migrate section?

By default, all Administrators will see the Migrate button in the Navigation menu (with the View Migration Statistics permission assigned).

If the domain also has migrations associated to it using CloudM Migrate (linked using the license key), and the user has the View Migration Statistics permission in CloudM Automate, that user will see the Reporting and Licensing submenus that provide information from CloudM Migrate.

  • This means that you can give a user in your domain the ability to view how the migration is going without also needing to give them access to CloudM Migrate and your configurations.

If the domain does not have migrations associated, they will see a page explaining the benefits of the feature and contact information to enable the feature for their domain.


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