Processing tab

The Processing tab (Automate > Offboarding Status) allows you to quickly view the current step within the Offboarding workflow each user is up to, including the status of the step.



If the step requires you to approve it for the specified user before continuing, you can use the Approve, Reject, Abort, Resume and Retry Now options at the end of each user row.

Please note that Retry Now is not available for all workflow states. If the option is not available for the step in it's current workflow state, Retry Now cannot be selected and a Disabled icon will be highlighted when hovering over the icon.

If the offboarding step has a custom delay, you will see the time and date that the step will be initiated under the Status column. You can manually initiate the step by selecting the Resume option at the end of the row.

offboarding status.png


If you need to bulk approve multiple users at the same time, place a tick in the checkbox next to each required user (or use the Select All checkbox above the table to select all users in the list) and then use the Approve, Reject, Abort or Resume options above the list. The Retry Now option will only retry the steps that are in the valid workflow state.

If you want to see more information regarding the offboarding process for a specific user, select the name of the user to prompt a panel to slide in from the right hand side. The panel will show all previous and upcoming steps within the Offboarding Workflow and you will also be able to approve or deny any actions that you are the executor for (Request Approval step, for example).



Additionally, if a step requires your approval, it will appear in the Notifications list. 

off not.png


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