Two-Factor Authentication FAQs

Does CloudM Automate support 2FA?

CloudM Automate does support 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).

We currently offer several methods for 2FA, including:

  • Google Authenticator,
  • Yubikey,
  • Backup codes,
  • Fallback email addresses.


Can I have 2FA setup on both CloudM Automate & Google Workspace?

We advise against having both of these setup if you have SSO (Single Sign-On) enabled for your domain.


I have enabled 2FA for my users, but I am not being asked to set it up. Why is this?

First of all, ensure that your 2FA is enabled in the Settings > Global Login Controls > 2-Step Verification section.


Next, make sure 2FA is enabled in Google Workspace as well, if you have Single Sign On (SSO).

Finally, make sure that 2FA is set to be mandatory.


For login restrictions, what does the “Challenge User” option mean?

This simply states that if a user is outside of the IP range or Country specified, then they will be asked for 2FA. if it is enabled on their account.

Should they provide a correct code, they will login. Otherwise, they will be blocked out.

If they do not have 2FA setup, then they will be blocked regardless.


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