Email folder names with special characters


Source: Any

Destination: Google Workspace & Exchange / Microsoft 365


Post-migration, a source email folder with certain characters in the name will become a top-level folder with a sub-folder on the destination.

Current known characters:

  • Forward slashes ("Folder/name")
    • A sub-folder of the folder will be created 
    • Eg. "Forward/slash" becomes:


  • Chevrons ("Folder^name")
    • Google Workspace only
    • An independent sub-folder is created, rather than a subfolder of the folder itself)
    • Eg. "Special Characters" | "Chevron^subfolder" becomes:






This is expected behavior and is due to how the Gmail API and EWS handle these characters in folder names on import. This is not a CloudM Migrate behavior, so the only solution here is a workaround, as described below.


The only workaround that we know of, is to rename the folders on the source, removing the slashes / other characters from the source folder names before migrating.

If you have migrated already and you wish to remigrate having experienced this behavior, you will need to delete all migrated email data from the destination (including from Trash / Bin), clear the migration history and then remigrate.

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