PST Archive Source Advanced Options

PST Archive Endpoint Options

This document will give an overview on all the PST Configuration Options in CloudM Migrate.


PST Archive Source Advanced Options


Archive Label

Default Value: PST Archive

The label/category that will be applied to migrated PST messages when labeling/categories are enabled.

PST Special Folder Names

Default Value: Inbox:Inbox;Drafts:Drafts;Sent Items:Sent Items;Deleted Items:Deleted Items;Junk E-Mail:Junk E-Mail;RSS Feeds:RSS Feeds;Calendar:Calendar;Contacts:Contacts;Tasks:Tasks;Notes:Notes;

The display names of the special PST folders.

Auto-Generate Missing Message IDs

Auto generate message Ids for messages that have none in PST archives.

Allow Duplicate Messages

Allow migration of duplicate messages when they may have been copied to multiple folders.

Include Folders with missing Container Class

Include a folder in the Export even if it is missing a Folder Container Class.

Archive Label Method

Default Value: Original Folder Structure and Label/Category

The folder structure and/or label/catogories that will be applied to migrated archive messages.

Excluded Item Classes

Specify the list of item classes that will not be processed as part of a migration. Exact matches are made on the value specified here.

PST Encoding


Migrate Drafts

Allow migration of unsent messages. Some fields, such as Message-ID, To and From may be automatically populated to allow migration to the destination system.

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