Hosted Exchange to Google Workspace


Before starting the migration project, view the Hosted Exchange Configuration Guide and the Google Configuration Guide. Ensure the tenant and the hosted environment have passed the connectivity tests with no errors.

Migrating to Google Workspace
These steps should be completed in the Destination environment.

When migrating to Google workspace, please review the Google Workspace Prerequisites.
Google Tenant Configuration

Select where the data will be migrated, and if using Google Workspace for Business or Google Vault, select to migrate data directly into Google Vault.


To enable Google Vault for the domain, please see the following article Set up Vault for your organization

Enter the user's full email address within the Export Name field. If already created in Google Workspace users then enter their username.

If the provider does not support delegated access or application impersonation, Then enter then user's passwords in the Password field.

To migrate files to a Google Workspace Team Drive, either select the item to migrate and select 'Migrate as Team Drive' from the actions menu or specify the import type as 'TeamDrive' when adding an item. Specify the name or ID of the Team Drive in the 'Given Name' field. If the Team Drive specified doesn't exist then it will be created. Please use a unique ID in the 'Import Name' field to identify the Team Drive across multiple migrations. Specify a specific folder to migrate from in the 'Documents Path' field, this will migrate only the specified folder and all subfolders. Make sure that the migrating account has organizer permissions for any Team Drives that are being migrated.

To improve the performance of Team Drives, configure multiple organizers to perform the migration with the configuration setting: Destination Platform Migration Settings > Google Workspace > Team Drive Options > Team Drive Default Organizers


If this fails, validate the information has been entered correctly.

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