Migrate to a Sharepoint Subfolder (With Sharepoint Migration API Enabled)

If you are migrating to Sharepoint, you have the option to set the destination path (the folder that the documents are migrated to) to a subfolder, instead of the root folder. This option is only visible / available if you have enabled the Sharepoint Migration API.

To specify the subfolder:

  1. In CloudM Migrate, configure your Source Platform,
  2. Configure your Destination Platform (Microsoft 365) and enable the Sharepoint Migration API in the Advanced Settings section,
  3. On the Add items to migrate screen, add any items that you wish to migrate,
  4. In addition to the default fields, you will also see Document Destination Path field. Enter the folder path of the Sharepoint subfolder that you want to migrate the items to,
  5. Continue to configure the rest of your migration following the usual steps.



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