Create a Batch of Users

There may be situations where you want to ensure that a group of users are migrated first, such as a VIP group or department.

CloudM Migrate allows you to create a batch from any user list, in a separate configuration. This enables you to quickly segment your user list and streamlines your migration process by running batches of users.

Configure your Source and Destination platforms, and import your user list.

  1. Select the users you want in your migration batch
  2. From the menu, select "Create Batch"
  3. Name your Child Configuration
  4. Select your configuration type
    • Disable Migration Items - This will retain the selected users in the list, but will disable migration of them within the list.  Use this if you want to modify the migration items for a subset of your users. e,g. Do not migrate Drive.
    • Delete Migration Items - This will delete the selected users from the list.  Use this if you want to move or create a subset of users to migrate. e.g. a VIP group of users.

Click Create to Create the batch, or Create and Edit or create the batch, and be taken to the edit screen for that batch. Batches can be modified from the Projects screen, and work in the same way as normal configuration.

Source and Destination platform cannot be changed for parent or child configurations when using this feature. All configuration information is preserved.
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