PST Archives

This guide will show how to configure a PST Archive as a source configuration.

For PST Archive this is defined by the following requirements:

  1. File Locations
  2. Access to Mapped Drives using PSEXEC

File Locations

In order to migrate PST archives successfully that the profile runs under the SYSTEM user. When performing this type of migration and select a drive letter and keep in mind mapping a drive as a regular windows user in the file explorer will not work.

Access to Mapped Drives using PSEXEC

If using clustering then ensure the CloudM Migrate service has access to mapped drives. Confirm you are logged in as nt authority\system. whoami. Run the command to map the drive as system. Launch command prompt as SYSTEM user using psexec - psexec -i -s cmd.exe.

  • Replace \servername\sharedfolder with the UNC path of the folder you wish to map net use z: \\servername\sharedfolder /persistent:yes
  • Run net use command and a screenshot.
  • Run dir and take another screenshot.
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