Microsoft Outlook/365 Mailbox Rules Watchpoints and Limitations

When migrating Outlook/365 Mailbox Rules in a tenant to tenant (Microsoft to Microsoft) migration, CloudM Migrate aims to migrate the exact rule.


Domain Replacement

Email addresses must go through Domain Replacement, or the address will remain unchanged.

To enable Domain Replacement, navigate to Config Settings > Advanced Settings > Domain Replacement and set the Email setting to enabled (as it is not set by default).


Rules do not update on subsequent / delta migrations

If a rule has previously been migrated, it is not updated on subsequent / delta migrations. This means that if a rule is edited in between migrations, there might be duplications in the Destination platform depending on what has been changed in the Source platform. 

Empty mail folders in the Source platform

If mail folders specified in a rule are empty in the Source platform, CloudM does not create them in the Destination platform.

Pin to Top action

If "Pin to Top" action is selected, the rule is unsupported by CloudM Migrate so it is skipped in the migration process.

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