SharePoint Source Advanced

This document will give an overview on all the SharePoint Source Advanced Options in CloudM Migrate.



  1. Document Sharing/Permissions
  2. Document Library BaseTemplate IDs
  3. Batch Size

Document Sharing/Permissions

Default Value: Share Documents

Choose whether the document should be shared as per the source file ACLs if they can be resolved to email addresses (see documentation).


Document Library BaseTemplate IDs

Default Value: None

Additional document library BaseTemplate IDs to export. BaseTemplate IDs 101, 109 and 700 are exported by default.


Batch Size

Default Value: 500

The maximum number of items to return per OneDrive batch file/folder request.


Transfer and Performance

  1. Trace Folder Requests
  2. Time Out

Retry Count

Default Value: 10

The number of times an operation will be attempted before failing.


Time Out

Default Value: 1800000

The timeout that will apply to communications with the SharePoint server.


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