Advanced Options for File System

This quick start guide provides you with the basic information to configure CloudM Migrate for a migration from Exchange Online Archive. It is highly recommended that you read the application documentation in full for your platforms in order to understand all of the options available to you during a migration.

Migrate Top Level Folder

Migrate files and folders into a top-level folder named the same as the top level file system folder

File System Document Sharing

Choose whether the document should be shared as per the source file ACLs if they can be resolved to email addresses (see documentation).

Excluded Account Permissions

Specify the list of NT account permissions, one per line in the format 'domain\accountname', that will be ignored when migrating ACLs

Set Migrating User as Owner

Change the file owner to the migrating user. This setting also ensures that the file owner from the file system is added as a writer at the destination

Resolve Email Addresses

Select whether to resolve email addresses from Active Directory for file system permissions.

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