Using CURL to determine the root cause of an IMAP issue

Downloading CURL

CURL is a third party application that we can use to determine if the IMAP issue you are experiencing is with CloudM Migrate or the IMAP host itself. You can find the download for the package here, along with instructions for the download also. 

There are multiple guides online for using CURL, but scripts for most use cases can be found here.

Use Cases for CURL

Common issues that CURL can be useful for include:

  • IMAP folders not migrating/listing
  • User authentication errors
  • Check the number of emails that can be queried between a specific date range
  • Check server/port connectivity/availability
  • Gather evidence for the support/development team
  • Check content RFC compatibility
  • Resource location
  • Checking authentication for proxy settings

Sending the support team the output of the CURL script

Rather than a screenshot, we would prefer the input / output text copied into a txt file.

If you have any issues creating the correct input script, please contact CloudM Support.

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