Lotus Notes Read / Unread Status

The 'Unread ID Table'

In Lotus Notes, the unread status of emails is stored in an 'Unread ID table'.

When using the Lotus Notes administrator client, only a user is allowed to view/manage their own Unread ID table. This makes it impossible for Lotus Notes administrators to verify or remedy read/unread status discrepancies.

How to ensure a successful migration?

When using CloudM Migrate, in order to ensure the correct read/unread statuses of emails are migrated, the Lotus Notes admin specified in your configuration must have permission to view the unread tables of each user. There may also be multiple Notes servers, in which case, the unread table needs to be replicated across all servers.

Additional Information

  • The Lotus Notes setting “Replicate Unread Marks” should be set to "All servers"
  • There is also a setting in Lotus Notes: "Don’t maintain unread marks". If this option is enabled, all mail will be marked as read.
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