Generic IMAP Source Advanced Options

Generic IMAP Source Advanced Options


This document will give an overview on all the Generic IMAP Source Advanced Options in CloudM Migrate.

Generic IMAP  Configurations Options


Test Details

  1. Test Username
  2. Test Password

Test Username

{: .no_toc } Default Value: None

Specify a test email address or username to test connections to the IMAP server when using Admin Credentials as the authentication method.


Test Password

 Default Value: None

Specify the password for the test user to test connections to the IMAP server if user passwords are to be used.


Server Details

  1. Start TLS
  2. Authentication Type

Start TLS

 Default Value: None

Set to true to attempt to use secure communications with the IMAP server.


Authentication Type

Default Value: None

Choose whether to use admin or user credentials to authenticate to the IMAP server. When using admin credentials, auth PLAIN with the authentication identity (authorized) as the admin username.



  1. IMAP Special Folder Names
  2. Remove Label Prefix
  3. Auto Generate Missing Message IDs
  4. Ignore Search Date Range

IMAP Special Folder Names

 Default Value: Inbox:INBOX;Drafts:Drafts;SentItems:Sent Items;Deleted:Trash;

The names of the special IMAP folders. Leave a folder name empty to exclude it from the migration, or if it does not exist.


Remove Label Prefix

 Default Value: None

Remove the specified text from the beginning of all folder names/label. Leave empty to perform no text removal.


Auto Generate Missing Message IDs

Default Value: Off

Use automatically generated message IDs for any messages that do not contain a message ID.


Ignore Search Date Range

 Default Value: Off

Ignore the configured mail date range and search for ALL messages. This can help with retrieving messages on restricted IMAP servers.

Change Conditions: ??


  1. Connect Timeout
  2. Read Timeout

Connect Timeout

The server connect timeout in seconds.


Read Timeout

Default Value: 30

The server read timeout in seconds.


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