Migrating Gmail Labels to Folders

How are Gmail labels converted to folders when migrating from Gmail to Exchange/Office 365?

When migrating from Gmail to Exchange or Office 365 Gmail labels are converted to folders. As Gmail labels are very different in nature to Outlook folders it is important to understand how CloudM Migrate converts them prior to migration. CloudM Migrate creates folders as it migrates the email within them and how they are created depends on the labelling of the emails within them:

  • If an email is labelled with a single label, the label is created as an Outlook folder and the email placed in the folder.
  • If an email is assigned multiple labels, CloudM Migrate creates the label with the shortest path (e.g "Clients/B" would be created ahead of "Clients/A/Invoices") as a folder, places the email in the folder and assigns the remaining labels as categories to the email.
  • If multiple labels of the same path length are assigned, it creates the first of them alphabetically.If an email is located in both the Inbox or Sent labels and other labels, it creates the first label as a folder nested under the Inbox.
If a label contains emails assigned to the Inbox label and other emails only assigned to the label this can result in a single label being created as two folders, one under the inbox  and one independent folder, with different emails in them.
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