Migrating Email Attachments to Drive/OneDrive

When migrating emails, it is possible to migrate email attachments to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Attachments are (optionally) removed from the emails and the emails updated to include links to the migrated documents. Migrated documents can also optionally be shared with the recipients of the original email. This is a very powerful feature which allows migration of email messages containing almost any size of message attachment.

Migrating Email attachments

In order to migrate Email attachments to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive the following setting must be enabled:

General Migration Settings > Common > Email Attachments to Drive > Email Attachments Document Migration’

Attachments are migrated based on the extension of the attachment and the list of extensions provided in the ‘File Extensions’ in the same configuration area. When an attachment is migrated, it can either remain or be removed from the Email and a link can also optionally be placed in the migrated Email linking to the migrated document.

It is possible to only migrate email attachments over a certain size using the option ‘Minimum Email Attachment Size’. Only attachments greater than the specified size will be migrated to Drive, the rest will be migrated with the Email as normal.

To migrate all email attachments to Drive, specify a minimum size of 0.

Once migrated, attachments from emails in the Inbox are migrated into the root of the destination drive. Attachments from emails in other labels / folders, will be migrated into folders created according to that label / folder in the source mailbox.

It is also possible to migrate all attachments from an email messages if the entire message is over the largest size permitted by the destination domain. This can be enabled with the setting ‘Migrate all Attachments for Oversized Messages’.

When migrating to Microsoft OneDrive, email attachments are always migrated to the users personal OneDrive.
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