How to avoid the added cost of AU licenses with CloudM

Free Vault Former Employee (VFE) licenses have been replaced by paid Archive User (AU) licenses. 

When faced with this increase (or potential increase) to their license renewal bill, our customers have come to us to provide a more cost effective alternative, looking predominantly for:



Reduce VFE or AU costs Better manage Google Workspace user data Maintain data compliance


CloudM provide solutions that can cover each of the following scenarios experienced by customers. The scenarios are:

  1. Customers have a potentially high volume of Archived Users (AU) and want to quickly move all of the AU account data into an external Archive solution that enables them to reduce their Google Archived User (AU) licenses.
  1. Customers have a backlog of inactive users assigned to AU licenses and want an automated approach that will offboard these accounts while ensuring that business critical folder and document sharing stays in place.
  1. Both above scenarios are required - They need to quickly move existing data out of Google AU accounts to a secure Archive solution while also ensuring folder and document sharing stays in place.


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