Google Workspace Platform Prerequisites

General prerequisites

You will need:

  • Access to the Developers console in the Google tenant
  • The email address of a primary Google Workspace domain administrator account for your source and / or destination domains.
  • To set up a Service Account and P12 keys, and enable the correct Google APIs, for both Google Source and Destination domains.
    • Use the link in the Platform Prerequisites section below to find instructions on setting up the Service Account and enabling the APIs.
  • The email address of a test account in the destination that can be used for testing (if Google Workspace is the Destination platform).
  • The names of the primary or secondary domain that you are migrating to / from


When migrating Google Drive to Google Drive, there are some special considerations you should be aware of for a successful migration. Please see the Google Drive to Google Drive Migrations - Best Practice and Concepts article.


Platform Prerequisite

This setup is for both a source Google Workspace account and a Destination Google Workspace account. Please follow the instructions in article linked below:


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