Migrating from Scalix

Platform prerequisites

Source Platform prerequisites

  • The credentials (username and password) of an administrative user in Scalix
  • The name of a test account in the Scalix system that can be used for testing
  • Scalix server IP address and Server Name

Configuring Scalix

In order to access all data within the Scalix system, data is retrieved using both management and messaging APIs. The permissions required to use each of these are slightly different and may require configuration of a specific user to perform the migration. To read user lists from the system, a full system administrator is required. To set a user as a full system administrator, log into the Scalix Administration Console, select a user, navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab and ensure that the ‘Is full administrator’ box is selected. The user can be either a standard or advanced user. Alongside being a full administrator, the user must also have mboxadmin rights. To set the user called ‘sxadmin to have mboxadmin rights, from a command line run the following command as root:

/opt/scalix/bin/ommodu -o sxadmin -c +mboxadmin

The path to your Scalix administration binaries may differ, please refer to your Scalix installation or system administrator for details.

The same user should be made a full system administrator and have mboxadmin rights.

It is highly recommended that users are prevented from accessing the system and the Scalix service restarted just before starting a migration. Several problems have been seen with Scalix when users have been accessing the system during migrations that can prevent migrations from completing successfully

In order to export users from Scalix, the Export Name in the tool configuration must match the primary Email address of the users within Scalix. This means that the users primary Email address (the one with which the account was created) must be the top entry in every users information in the Scalix Administration Console. If this is not done, users will fail to migrate (usually with error M0022). Due to limitations of the Scalix API this is a manual process that cannot be automated by the tool Folder names containing backward or forward slashes cannot be migrated by the migration tool due to limitations of the Scalix API. Users should be instructed to rename these folders prior to migration.

Configure Source Platform Settings - Scalix

Choose Scalix as the migration source and enter your Scalix settings into CloudM Migrate and then click next.


  • Server Address - The hostname or IP address of the Scalix server.
  • Server Names - All server names (not IP addresses) that are to be migrated from. Separate each name with a comma.
  • Admin Username - The username of an administrator account with full rights on your Scalix server.
  • Admin Password - The password of the specified administrator account.
  • Test Username - Specify the full email address of a user within the system, this must be a real user and must be the primary email address; not an alias.
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