400 Invalid label: {LABELID} (invalidArgument)

Source Platform: All Destination Platform: Google Workspace


When migrating mail and chat to the destination platform, the following error is seen (usually part way through the migration process) in the trace file:

400 Invalid label: {LABELID} (invalidArgument) 

Additionally, you will see that it only applies to specific users and will eventually lead to no email or chat items migrating to the user's mail box (regardless of labelling).


This error indicates that the label that is being migrated to no longer exists in the destination. This issue is mostly caused by an end user deleting the label from their mail box during a migration process.>

To rectify the issue:

  1. If the items are still in the source mailbox, you can run a Delta migration of the email / chat items to the destination, and:
  2. Advise the end user not to remove any labels that appear in their mailbox during the migration time.
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