Migrating to or from Microsoft 365 using the SharePoint Migration API (SharePoint Online / OneDrive)

If you are experiencing throttling / performance issues when attempting to migrate to or from Microsoft 365 (SharePoint Online / OneDrive), make sure the SharePoint Migration API is enabled, accessed in the Advanced Settings section of the Microsoft 365 Platform, to improve the performance. It is enabled by default.

The SharePoint Migration API is available for migrations to and from Microsoft 365 from the following Platforms:

  • Google Workspace (Google Drive / Shared Drives)
  • Box
  • DropBox
  • File System
  • Microsoft 365 (OneDrive / Team Sites / Microsoft 365 Groups / Microsoft Teams)
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Microsoft Azure Storage

To enable the SharePoint Migration API settings:

  1. Log in to CloudM Migrate,
  2. Select the required Migration configuration (or create a new configuration),
  3. Ensure that your non Microsoft 365 Platform (from the list above) is configured accordingly,
  4. On the Platform screen (Source if migrating from and Destination if migrating to Microsoft 365), ensure that Microsoft 365 is selected and the General settings are configured (under the Plan and Authentication headings, including Modern Authentication).
  5. Select the Advanced Settings section, and navigate to the OneDrive for Business / SharePoint section.
  6. Set the SharePoint Migration API setting to enabled. This will prompt the following settings to be displayed:
    • SharePoint Storage - The API requires the use of an Azure container for temporary storage. When Office 365 is selected, files and manifests will be uploaded to containers provided by Microsoft. When Azure Hosted is selected, you can provide your own storage / containers.
    • Storage Account Name - The name of the Azure storage account. This field is mandatory.
    • Storage Account Key - The access key for the Azure storage account. This field is mandatory.
    • Retry Backoff (seconds) - The amount of time (in seconds) between exponential backoff retry attempts.
    • Retry Count - The number of times the operation will be attempted before failing.
    • SharePoint Admin Url - The URL for the SharePoint admin center (e.g. https://tenant-admin.sharepoint.com). This field is mandatory if migrating files.
  • Select Next to continue the migration configuration.
  • To create the Storage Account Name and Key:

    1. Go to https://portal.azure.com/
    2. Select the Menu icon at the top of the screen and go to Storage accounts.
    3. Select Add to create a new Azure storage account.


    1. In the Access keys page, you can find both the name and key for the storage account.

    When migrating to OneDrive, and want to map group permissions for a document from the source to the destination, the destination group must be a Microsoft 365 Group, mail enabled security group or security group.

    • CloudM Migrate cannot map permissions to distribution groups.
    • Mapping examples:
      • Microsoft 365 Group - "examplem365groupsource@test.thecloudmigrator.com" > "ExampleM365Group@M365x91111111.onmicrosoft.com"
      • Mail Security Group - "examplemailenabledsource@test.thecloudmigrator.com" > "ExampleMailEnabled@M365x91111111.onmicrosoft.com|mailsecuritygroup"
      • Security Group - "examplesecuritysource@test.thecloudmigrator.com" > ExampleSecurity|securitygroup"
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