Say goodbye to data protection risk, expensive suspended licenses, and clunky restorations. Say hello to CloudM Archive.

Archive allows you to easily, automatically, and safely store and recover leavers' data.

And it’s all done in four simple steps:

  1. Create a storage area (which you control and we don’t have access to.)
  2. Create and assign a custom role to view and use Archive features.
  3. Connect your storage to CloudM and test that it’s working correctly.
  4. Add an archiving step to your offboarding policy.

That’s it!

Now, every time you offboard a user, CloudM will also automatically archive their data into your secure storage. You can set a retention policy to delete all of the data after a year for example or any given length of time, and restore it at any time with one click of a button. Whether you need a single email, or the entire contents of their Drive, it’s the same simple process.

Archive combines the best of our successful Automate and Migrate functionality within the platform, and has the same familiar, straightforward interface. You’ll pick it up in minutes.


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