Application Permissions

Ensuring CloudM Automate has access to perform actions on your domain

In order for CloudM Automate to function correctly, it must have permissions to perform actions on your domain.

When you install CloudM Automate from either AppSource or the Google Workspace Marketplace, you will have been requested to provide permission for CloudM Automate to perform the various actions it needs to do. Following this, when an administrator logs into CloudM Automate for the first time, additional permissions are automatically granted.

If these permissions are revoked at any time, then the 'Permission Status' on this page may report an error. In this case, you should click 'Setup Permissions' and run through the setup steps again. If you have revoked permissions from inside the Google Workspace control panel, return to the Google Workspace control panel and re-apply the permissions. Without these permissions, CloudM Automate cannot function as required.


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