Domain Settings

The Domain Settings section (in Settings > Domain Settings) allows you to monitor the synchronization between CloudM Automate and your domain, and provides some synchronization actions (as detailed below).



In the first section of Domain Actions, you can quickly view when the last domain sync occurred and whether or not it was successful. A Global Sync occurs every 48 hours (after the initial synchronization) and automatically syncs your domain information.

If you do need to manually force a domain sync in between automatic Global Syncs, select the Synchronize Now button.

  • Depending on when you last synced the domain, the system may prevent manual syncing in some instances. 
  • If the sync fails (red cross icon) or an error (yellow exclamation icon) has occurred, you can select the More information link to view in more detail. You can also see the areas that have successfully synced (a green tick icon) or are in the process of synchronizing (a gray progress wheel icon).
  • If a sync error relates to the License Information Sync, you will see a description and a link to the logs. In the screenshot below, you can see that the sync could not match a license to 2 users.
  • Please note that the global sync may fail if the email address set for the Admin Account (Settings > Domain Settings > Admin Account) includes mixed case characters. Lower case characters should be used as default.



When you or your users make changes to profiles or contacts within CloudM Automate, this information is synced back immediately. If a user adds an address, or a telephone number etc, then this information will be immediately available inside their Google Workspace / Microsoft 365 profile.There are a few bits of information that are not synced back to Google Workspace / Microsoft 365 because of a lack of an equivalent fields.

Data that is inherited by users from Organization Units is not currently synced back to Google Workspace. This means that if an address is added to an Organization Unit, and then pushed down to users, this data is available in CloudM Automate only. Tags and employment type are also CloudM Automate only features.


If you are on a Microsoft domain, and have enabled the Active Directory On-Premise Connector and set a valid endpoint, you will see 2 additional buttons:

  • Synchronise From AD Now - This option will manual sync changes from Active Directory On-Premise into CloudM Automate. It is primarily used to update Groups.
  • Clear Connector Cache - This option will clear the cache (any changes made to AD on-prem after the last sync). This means that the next sync will be a full sync, and will not just update the changes made.


The next section of Domain Actions allows you to Request Delegate Synchronization. This will synchronize all mailbox delegations across your domain (as part of your next Global Sync). You can also see when the last delegation request was made and the current status (e.g. a request has already been made and is waiting on the next Global Sync to take place). Please see the Managing Mailbox Delegation article for more information.




There are some key points below which must be observed in regard to the synchronisation of delegation information.

Please note that the delegation synchronisation can only be performed once every 7 days. Once you have requested a delegate sync it will be performed during the next domain sync provided no other delegate sync has occurred in the previous 7 days.

Following the initial synchronisation all delegation management should be performed within CloudM Automate rather than externally (e.g. within the Google Admin Console). This will ensure that the latest information is always displayed. If any delegation is edited externally a new delegate sync will be required to retrieve the latest information.


If you are experiencing issues where the manager checkbox on user profiles is incorrectly checked or unchecked, select the Maintain Manager Values button to sync with Google Workspace and check which users are tagged as Manager. Profiles will be updated accordingly.




If you are experiencing issues with Search results,  select the Maintain Search Indexes button to rebuild the Indexes. 



For Google Workspace domains only, you can also configure CloudM Automate to monitor for changes to the Suspended Status on user profiles, in the Google Workspace domain. These changes will then be "pushed" to CloudM Automate so that the user profile is updated (without needing to wait for a Global Sync or initiate a manual sync). This option is disabled, by default and you need to press Enable in Domain Actions to enable the feature. For more information and instructions on enabling the feature, please see the "Push" user profile changes directly from Google Workspace to CloudM Automate article.



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