Configure Source Platform Settings - Google Workspace

Choose Google Workspace as the migration source and enter your Google Workspace settings into CloudM Migrate and then click Next.

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      • Domain Name - The domain name you will be migrating from.
      • Admin Username - An administrator account for the Google Workspace environment, this will usually be an email address for a Super Admin.
      • Authentication Method - Set whether to use a P12 key or a JSON key as the authentication method.
      • Service Account Email Address - Before attempting to configure CloudM Migrate, you should have created a Google Cloud platform project and created a service account for it. If you have selected to use a P12 key, you will need to input the service account's email address in this field.
      • Private Key - The file path to the P12 or JSON key that was generated and downloaded when creating the OAuth service account.
If you cannot find the private key, go back to Google Cloud Platform service accounts, select your project (if not already selected), use the option button on the right of the service account and click "Create Key". Select P12 or JSON and download the key file.

CloudM Migrate will now perform a small connection test to verify that the details you have entered are correct.


If this fails, you may have entered something incorrectly. If you still cannot resolve the issue, please contact CloudM Support.

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