General and Source Platform prerequisites

Please note that, although we can migrate from an Archived Google user as a source platform (export object), we cannot migrate into an Archived Google as a destination platform (import object). This is due to a Google Workspace limitation.

General Prerequisites

  • The email address of a super admin account for your source and destination domain.
    • This is required in order for Migrate to utilise the Admin SDK API.
  • Set up a service account and enabled the correct Google APIs for both the source and destination domains.

When migrating Google Drive to Google Drive, there are some special considerations you should be aware of for a successful migration. Please see the Google Drive to Google Drive Migrations - Best Practice and Concepts article.

Setting up a Service Account and Google APIs

Please refer to the Setting up the Service Account and enable the APIs within Google Workspace for CloudM Migrate article (described in the CloudM Migrate Self-Hosted Setup Guides as the process is identical) for detailed instructions.

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