Calendar Sharing Permissions (from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace)

When migrating shared calendars from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace, sharing permissions are migrated, but because they are fundamentally different platforms, the permissions themselves will inevitably be different.  

  • Titles are always migrated, even if they are set to 'Private' in Microsoft 365
  • Free/Busy is migrated as is
  • Category colours that have been set in Microsoft 365 are migrated to Google Workspace, but the colour palette is slightly different in Google Workspace
  • Charms (event icons) do not exist in Google Calendar so these are not migrated

The naming of the permissions available for shared calendars in Microsoft 365 is different in Google Calendar, but most of the functionality is migrated. See below for the mappings:


  • Delegation’ maps to ‘Making changes manage sharing
  • ‘Can Edit’ maps to ‘Make Changes to events
  • 'Can view all details' and 'Can view Titles and locations' are not migrated

In the Google Workspace Admin console, you can override the settings to show all the information of the events to internal / external users of the shared calendar. Set it to 'Share all information' so that everybody can see the event details (internal or external can be chosen separately) or set it to 'Only Free/Busy information'. > Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Calendar




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