How to migrate Recoverable Items from Exchange and Microsoft 365

If a mailbox has In-Place or Litigation Hold enabled in Exchange, deleted items are stored in a Recoverable Items folder. CloudM Migrate can migrate this folder from Exchange / Microsoft 365, this guide details how.


  1. On the required configuration, select Configure.
  2. Once you have selected the Source Platform and selected Next, open the Advanced Settings section.
  3. Select 'Include Recoverable Items' or 'Recoverable items Only' as the 'Recoverable Mail Items' setting, depending on your requirements. This setting can be found under Message Options.
  4. Enter the folder/label name to migrate Recoverable Items to. The default value is 'Recoverable Items'.
  5. Add or Get your users in the Users page or tab, and select the item types you wish to migrate.
  6. After configuring any other migration settings, begin migration. Recoverable Items will be migrated to the specified folder for each user.
You can edit which item types are migrated using the Included/Excluded Item Classes settings.
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