Migrating Google Drive Comments

By default, "Migrate File Comments' is disabled and any implications must be considered before enabling this setting. It is recommended that you first test this option. When a document is migrated, existing comments will be displayed as being created on the same date as the migration occurred, instead of the original date of the comment. This means that notifications will be resent for all comments for all migrated documents.
If you choose to migrate comments, enable the Replace Comment Mentions with Display Name setting (Google Workspace Destination Platform > Advanced Settings > Documents).
Where a comment has been made in a document:
  • Emails & Mentions from Valid Users will all changed to Display Name 

  • Unknown Domain email addresses will be changed to the name part of email (e.g. matt from matt@email.com)

  • External email addresses will remain

This setting will stop notifications being resent for all comments within the migrated document.

Please refer to the restrictions below for cases where disabling comment notifications is not supported and email notifications will be sent. 

The 'Migrate File Comments' setting allows for the migration of Google Document comments which are listed in 'Table 1'. Comments added to Microsoft Office and PDF files are embedded in the documents and will be migrated when performing a 'Drive' migration.

At the time of creating this article, the Google API has the following restrictions :

  1. The user's email who created the comment is not returned in the API.
    • CloudM Migrate will attempt to locate the user who created the comment using the display name. If a user can not be found or more than 1 user is found with the same display name the comment will be added and prefixed with "On behalf of user@domain.com"
  2. Disabling comment notifications is not supported and email notifications will be sent in the following cases
    • The user who created the initial thread will receive email notifications. 
    • Any users outside of your domain who have been 'mentioned' in a comment will also receive an email notification.
    • Reply comments will send notifications to the user whom they are replying too.

Comment migrations are supported for the following :

Document Type

Anchored Comments





Google Docs


Google Sheets


Google Slides
Google Drawings




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