Calendar Attendee Acceptance Statuses

Attendee statuses are not supported for migrations from GroupWise.
When migrating from Exchange or Microsoft 365, attendee status will not be migrated for any appointments with an external organizer.

Individual Appointments

  • Appointment statuses will be migrated for all internal events.
  • For external users, attendee statuses will only be migrated if the external user sends an appointment response.

Recurring/Repeat Events

  • Statuses of individual appointments in recurring series are not migrated. e.g: the appointment is recurring and it's repeated every day of the week. The attendee accepts the first day, declines the second day etc. It will migrate the status of the entire sequence. e.g: user accepted all events / entire series.
  • External users (users, outside of migrating domain) acceptance statuses are not migrated.
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