Migrating to Microsoft Teams

Firstly, see Migrating Microsoft Teams for supported features.

When migrating to Microsoft Teams, the following applies:

  • Multi Factor Authentication must be disabled for the specified admin accounts when migrating Microsoft Teams.
  • Get Users does not populate source Microsoft Teams in the Users list, therefore, they have to be manually added;
  • If you did use Get Users and the source user type is a User, you can edit the import type to be a Team by selecting the line, and using the context menu on the right to edit it;
  • Teams have email addresses and paths so can be used in the Import Name. If you use the path, it should be preceded by a forward slash '/';
  • If you are migrating files, specifically, to the Team, then you need to specify the Document Library in the Given Name field;
  • Each Team and/or Document Library requires a license. If you have any questions about this, speak directly to our Sales team..
  • Before a team is migrated, a check will need to be done to check that no guests are assigned to the team (as if a guest is assigned, the team will not migrate).
    • The check can be done via clicking the three dots to the right of the team name and selecting Manage Team. You will see the members and guests section is the second section down. Remove the guests accordingly and save. This process will have to be done manually for all before the teams can be migrated.


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