Required Permissions for using CloudM Migrate

Microsoft 365 Migrations

If you are using Modern Authentication, refer to the Modern Authentication for Microsoft 365 article for instructions.

There are some situations where these permissions may not be able to be granted due to client or platform restrictions, described below are the specific permissions that CloudM Migrate requires for migration scenarios.

Sharepoint / OneDrive Migrations

CloudM Migrate requires Site Collection administrator rights over the objects you are migrating into or from. In most situations, this can be achieved by granting your migration Admin account "SharePoint Administrator" within Office 365. 

More information on configuring this can be found here, from Microsoft: About the SharePoint admin role in Microsoft 365.

For situations where this is not possible, you are able to manually assign Site Collection Administrator rights to Sharepoint objects.

Google Workspace Migrations

CloudM Migrate requires a service account to be configured within Google Workspace. 

See this article for more information:  Setting up the Service Account and enable the APIs within Google Workspace for CloudM Migrate


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