400 Bad Request (Importing Gmail)


Source - Any Destination - Google Workspace


400 Bad Request

This is specific to individual mail item failures, visible in CloudM Migrate during migration via Progress > Import Failures, or the HTML report 'Import Failures' post-migration.

If a user migration fails outright with a similar error, it should be logged in a support ticket here.


This is a Google error and is typically caused by data that cannot be imported into Gmail for one of the following reasons:


  • The above are the most popular reasons for the error, and there is no solution to get the items into Gmail as it simply will not accept them,
  • It can very rarely, however, also be a temporary error being thrown by Google. In which case, remigrating might resolve it.
It's important to note, that the more frequent this error, the slower a migration will run, as it will retry each failing message per the configuration step (2) Destination Platform - Google Workspace > Advanced Settings > Transfer Settings > Retry Count.
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