Missing email post-migration from Exchange



Source: Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 Destination: All


Missing Email after migration


(1) Supported Item Classes 

This is the most common reason for "missing" email from Exchange/365. CloudM Migrate, by default, will migrate only IPM.Note and IPM.Note* subclasses (these are true emails). Anything outside of these classes will be skipped (not failed) and, therefore, not reported against. Item classes outside of IPM.Note are typically NDRs or other reports that are, generally, unwanted items. If you wish to include other classes, you can do so via Source Platform > Advanced Settings > Message Options > Included Item Classes, however, please note that other classes are unsupported as there may be conversion issues that we cannot resolve. See here for more information from Microsoft.


(2) Emails which exist in multiple folders

Copies of emails which exist in multiple folders will only be migrated once, from the first folder in which they are found. For all other folders, they will be skipped as "Already Exists". This may result in whole folders contents not being migrated. There is no solution that CloudM Migrate can provide for this issue.


(3) Litigation Hold

Are the missing emails in "litigation hold"/"recoverable items? These emails will not be visible in the migration reports (as failures), however, CloudM Migrate has a new setting 'Include Recoverable Mail Items' in the source Exchange platform settings which can be enabled to allow the migration of these emails. 

You can use Powershell to find out if this is enabled for a user:

get-mailbox username |ft litigation*


(4) Exchange Online Archive 

If you want to migrate data that is stored in Exchange Online Archive, this is stored separately, and therefore migrated separately. See this article.


(5) Retention Policy

If there is a retention policy enabled on the destination Exchange/365 then the mail may be migrated and archived immediately and, therefore, appear to be missing in the destination but just be archived.


(6) Other Third Party Archiving

We recommend disabling any third party archiving solutions to avoid any issues.


(7) Possible changes

There may also be Possible Changes to Migrated Items

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