Setting Up a Virtual Network and Virtual Machine in Windows Azure

This step-by-step guide shows how to create a virtual network in Windows Azure. You can then create and configure instances within it, allowing you to run multi-server migrations. 

The following information will be required when creating a windows image and a Virtual Machine from an image:

  • Resource Group Name - entered in step 2
  • Network Name - entered in step 4
  • Subnet Network Name - entered in step 4
  • Storage Account Name  - entered in step 5
  1. Go to
  2. Select Resource groups > Add and enter a Resource group name then Create
  3. Select New > Networking > Virtual Network, set ‘Select a deployment model to ‘Resource Manager’ and Create
  4. Give your network a Name, Address space, Subnet name, Subnet address range and select the Resource Group you created then Create
  5. Select Browse > type 'Storage Accounts'. Two items will be returned. Click 'Storage Accounts'. Click 'Add'. Give your storage a name, Select 'Premium' next to 'Performance' and select the Resource Group you created then Create
  6. Go to Virtual Machines > Add, select a Virtual Machine Type, select deployment model as Resource Manager and Create
  7. Configure basic details and select your Resource group
  8. Choose a Virtual Machine size, to meet recommended specs  (we would recommend B8ms). Please be aware that not all sizes may be available in your region.
  9. If not already selected, select the Storage account, Virtual network and Subnet as the ones created earlier.
  10. After the final validation has completed. Click 'OK' to submit your Virtual Machine for deployment.
  11. You can now launch your Virtual Machine.
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