Advanced Options for Scalix

While the default options are recommended for the majority of organisations the CloudM Migrate gives users the ability to customise their migration experience. The following are the Advanced Options available to customers migrating from Scalix.


  • Migrate All Group Members – turn this on to always attempt to migrate all members of Distribution Lists/Groups, even if the contact is not contained in the user’s personal address book. In Scalix contacts can be found within distribution lists but not within the address book. Similarly, if contacts from the system address book are contained within distribution lists this will also migrate them.
  • Shared Folders – within a user’s mailbox structure, there may be shared folders of other users. Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 do not support this concept of shared folders and thus any shared folder from another user will not be updated once in the Google system. It may also require the transfer of lots of data from a single user’s mailbox to many other users. It is recommended therefore that this setting is left at false. Note than any folders that a user has shared with others will be transferred as normal as they are normal folders for the owning user.


  • Trace Folder Requests – Trace folder requests (use for debugging only).


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