Dropbox for Business Server Settings - Source Platform

The information below is for when configuring Dropbox for Business as a source platform for a migration.

Please see Migrating from Dropbox for Business to assist with the following items.


Account Details

  • Admin Email - A Team Admin Email Address
  • Authorisation Code - The Authorisation Code returned from Dropbox when authorising CloudM Migrate.
  • Test User Name - The login email address of a non-admin user within the system to test. This user must have an active status in Dropbox for Business.
  • Team Folders Owner - The email address of the user who will take ownership of 'Team Folders' in the destination.


Transfer Settings

  • Retry Count - The number of times an operation will be tried before failing when making requests to Dropbox.
  • Timeout - The timeout for operations with the server.


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