Advanced Options for MBOX and EML Archives

While the default options are recommended for the majority of organisations the CloudM Migrate gives users the ability to customise their migration experience. The following are some of the advanced options available to customers migrating from MBOX and EML Archives.


Mail Archive Options

  • Archive Label Method – specify how labels or folders will be used when migrating archives:
    • Specified Label – use the label or folder specified by the setting below
    • Email Labels – when migrating from mbox files exported by Gmail (Google Takeaway) then use the headers in the emails to determine the destination label/folder.
    • Filename – use the filename of the file being migrated as the label or folder name
    • Filename and Label – use the filename of the file and the specified label/folder
    • Folder Name – use the name of the folder containing the message being migrated as the label or folder name
    • Folder Name and Label – use the name of the folder and the specified label/folder
  • Archive Label – specify the label or folder that migrated messages will be placed into when using ‘Specified Label’ for the option below.
  • Mail Archive Format Type – specify the type of the archive being migrated:
    • mboxrd – one of the most common mbox formats, used by Google Takeout, Google Vault and others
    • mboxo – an older variant used by postfix and others
    • mboxcl – a Unix format
    • mboxcl2 – another Unix format
    • EML Files – EML files (RFC822 messages as text) in a folder

Message Options

  • Special Folder Names – if using Email labels, folders or files to determine the destination folder or label, then use these names to determine if the folder is a special folder
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