Migrating from PST Archives

This quick start guide provides you with the basic information to configure CloudM Migrate for a migration from PST Archives. It is highly recommended that you read the application documentation in full for your platforms in order to understand all of the options available to you during a migration.

Source Platform - PST Archive

What do I need?

  • The workstation running CloudM Migrate must have access to the file paths where the PST files are stored.
  • If using multi-server you map the location of the files to the secondary machines. See this article for information.

Service Access to Mapped Drives

If you are using the web version of CloudM Migrate, or secondary servers then you should make sure that the CloudM Migrate service has access to mapped drives if the files are located there. Please see the article on making mapped drives available for more information.

When migrating PST files you must specify the path to the PST archive for each user you want to migrate in the 'Archive Path' field of the Items list. If you would like to migrate multiple PST files to a single user account, specify multiple paths within the 'Archive Path' with a semi-colon separating the paths. For example:

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