Migrating from Google Groups


Source: Google Workspace > Destination: Google Workspace or Microsoft 365

Migrating Groups and Members

When using Get Items from source (or importing items via a CSV file), groups will be populated in the userlist along with users, Shared Drives and calendar resources. When selected for migration, CloudM Migrate will create the Groups in the destination with the specified Import Name. It will add the members and their membership status (member / manager / owner) will be applied.

Subsequent migrations will add new members (if they are added on the source) only. Member deletions and changes to member statuses are not applied.

It's important to check if there are existing groups in the destination. Any groups that are listed from the source could potentially have equivalent groups in the destination, so renaming the migrating groups import names in your items list, to create new ones and/or to distinguish them from the destination groups, would be advised. If you are renaming groups import names, these changes will need to be reflected in any address replacements CSV file provided.
Google Group settings and content are not migrated - only the group itself and membership.
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