One Drive / Team Sites Migration Features

The following table shows the supported features for a OneDrive/Team Sites migration to supported destination platforms

Feature Google Drive Microsoft OneDrive / Microsoft
SharePoint Team Sites 
Folder Hierarchies and Files    
Truncate Oversize Paths    
Rename Illegal File Names    
Preserve File Dates    
Folder and File ACLs    
Active Directory Permissions    
File Type Filters    
Copy Empty Folders    
Team/Subsite Document Libraries    
Simultaneous Migrations    
Provision Destination Account    
Warn on Size Limits    
Full Reporting    
  1. When migrating to Google Drive or Team Drive, SharePoint document libraries will be migrated as folders.
  2. Folder and File ACLs are supported for Team Folders. Only File ACLs are supported for Users
  3. We only support libraries that match the following criteria: 
    1. BaseType = 1 (DocumentLibrary)
    2. BaseTemplate is either 101, 109 or 700
    3. isCatalog = false.
    4. isHidden = false
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