Configuring Mapped Drives

If migrating PST, EML, MBOX, Groupwise archives, NSF files or file system/NAS files from a mapped drive using multi server, the following must be configured in order for the CloudM Migrate service to be able to access the drive(s).

CloudM Migrate runs under the SYSTEM user and any network drive mappings must be created in a way that the SYSTEM user has access to them. Mapping a drive as a regular windows user so that it appears in the file explorer will not usually work. The same drive must be mapped on both Primary and Secondary servers.

There are 2 methods that you can choose from, a batch file, or with PSTools.

Create a Scheduled Task

A batch file (.BAT) should be created on the secondary server(s) containing the following command:

net use z: "\\servername\sharedfolder" /persistent:yes /user:username password

Any available drive letter can be used.

'username' and 'password' should be the credentials of an account with access to the mapped folder.

Create a Scheduled Task using Task Scheduler

  • Open Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc), select Create Task and enter a Name.
  • Under the Security option, select Change User or Group and enter SYSTEM then OK.

  • Go to the Triggers tab and select New
  • Change 'Begin the task:' to At startup and select OK

  • Go to the Actions tab and select New
  • Set Action to Start a program and browse to your BAT file

  • Select OK and restart the machine. The drive will then be mapped on startup and accessible to CloudM Migrate.
The drive may show as disconnected in Explorer but the migration will still work.

Create a Mapped Network Drive using SysInternals PSTools


  • Run psexec -i -s cmd.exe


  • Whoami will confirm that you're logged in as SYSTEM


  • Run net use z: \\servername\sharedfolder /persistent:yes to connect to the shared drive as the SYSTEM User. Optionally add /user:username password to map the drive as a different user.

The z drive can then be seen and used by Migrate as the document path and must be done on each migration server.

The drive may show as disconnected in Explorer but the migration will still work.
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