Within Your Own Network or on Other Providers

We recommend using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Azure to setup a multi-server environment.

To setup multiple servers for use with CloudM Migrate in a multi-server mode within your own network, you are free to choose the server install method. You must ensure the following:

  • Servers should meet the system requirements
  • You must install all servers within the same subnet

  • If you use Virtual Machines, please ensure that the underlying physical machines have enough capacity to ensure performance is kept high. For example, you should ensure that where possible the physical memory on the hardware is sufficient for the memory allocated for the Virtual Machines.

As with all multi-server setups you should also ensure:

  • Make sure all of your machines are on the same subnet
  • One primary service per network is installed
  • One or more secondary services are installed
  • If you clone Virtual Machines, make sure to sysprep as per the article for Azure VMs, failure to do this can lead to the inability for machines to communicate
  • Make sure DNS is available within the network
  • Check the multi-server troubleshooting article if you have any issues
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