Manually set up CloudM Migrate Self Hosted in Windows Azure

These instructions are for manually setting up CloudM Migrate Self Hosted in Azure. It is recommended that you use our Azure Marketplace Application to setup CloudM Migrate Self Hosted. Please see this article for more information.


Install Azure PowerShell - There are two main options for installation, PowerShell Gallery and WebPI. WebPI will receive monthly updates. PowerShell Gallery will receive updates on a continuous basis.For more information, see Azure Powershell 1.0.


To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Setting Up a Virtual Network and Virtual Machine in Windows Azure will create a virtual network and a virtual machine. This virtual machine should be your 'Primary Server' and named appropriately. eg 'cts-primary'
  2. Repeat Steps 6 through to 10 in Setting Up a Virtual Network and Virtual Machine in Windows Azure to create your first secondary server to be used to capture a windows image, this could be called 'cts-s0' . Once this machine has been created you will need to :
  3. Once Step 2 has been completed, you will then need to Create a Windows Image of this machine.
  4. Once Step 3 has been completed, you can then go on to Create Virtual Machine from Image.
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