GroupWise Server Settings - Source Platform

The information below is for when configuring GroupWise as source platform for a migration.


Server Details

  • Groupwise Version - The version of the GroupWise server.
  • Server Address – The hostname or IP address of the GroupWise server.
    • Note: if you have multiple users with same UserID, you must migrate them directly from the server they are located on and not rely on a domain server to route the login. Failure to do this could result in data being migrated from the wrong account.
  • Admin Username - The name of a mail enabled admin user within the GroupWise system, used to test connections and to obtain user lists.
  • Admin Password - The password for the admin user.


Trusted Application

  • Trusted Application Name – The trusted application name, as provided to the trusted application creator.
  • Trusted Application Key – The trusted application key, as provided by the trusted application creator.


Account / Archive

  • Account/Archive Processing – Select whether to migrate user’s accounts, archives or both.


Groupwise 2012 or Less

  • Domain Name - The Domain Name of the GroupWise domain object in the following format: dom1.groupwise.server. Either this or the 'Domain Path' below can be used to connect to the GroupWise domain.
  • Domain Path - The path to the GroupWise domain. The path can be either a mapped drive or a UNC path. Either this or the 'Domain DN' above can be used to connect to the GroupWise domain.


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