Migrating Mail Archives (MBOX/EML/MSG)

MBOX, EML & MSG Archives can be migrated to any supported destination platform. 

If you are using the web version of CloudM Migrate, or secondary servers then you should make sure that the CloudM Migrate service has access to mapped drives if the files are located there. Please see the article on making mapped drives available

In order to migrate archives successfully, several things need to be done:

  • Ensure that archives are available from the workstation running the tool. In order for the migration tool to be able to migrate archives the files and folders that comprise archives must be available for the migration tool to access. Often, what needs to be done is to copy all of the archives to a central location which can be accessed through the file system by the tool.

  • Specify the correct path to the archives.  Provide either the folder path or the full path to a specific MBOX file, or provide the folder path for EML and MSG files.  The tool will process all sub-folders if a folder path is provided.  If you have multiple MBOX files to process for a user, place them inside a folder and specify the path to the folder. 

Take care to ensure you provide the correct path and file for each user.

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